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I’ll be lurking on the main for a little but I’ll be fully on soon to answer questions and such, but I’d like to be active first since I wasn’t yesterday. Reminder that I’ll be choosing admins tomorrow as well!

23 hours ago
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Anonymous asked:
Mobile nav?

Click anywhere in this sentence, love!

1 day ago
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Anonymous asked:
how long do you need to have been in the group, to apply to help admin?

At least 3-4 weeks, I’m going to say. That way it’s been enough time for me to get to know you and trust you and for you to get a feel for the RP.

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Hey guys! I’m going to go take a quick nap and then I’ll be on to reply to things. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns or apps, I’d love to read them when I get back! Also; don’t forget that you can send in a co-admin app until Monday~

2 days ago
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Hello members, I come to you with some sad news. Unfortunately, Lindsay and Koal will be leaving the RP due to personal reasons, which means I will be down 2 admins. Since I am going to be starting college soon and I’m busy enough as it is, I’m really going to need some help around here or else I will sadly have to close the RP. Under the cut will be the app for co-admin and I’m going to warn you now that I will be very very picky about whom I choose. I need people who can work with me and also have time to help run a RP. I will no longer accept admin apps after Monday at 12AM EST and I will pick who will join me as co-admins on Tuesday whenever I get the time. Thank you for taking the time to read this and, hopefully, applying. 

Note: This will not be open to anyone outside the group.


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Congratulations, Abigail! You’ve been accepted as Virginia Connors. Virginia seems like a unique new character and I’m excited to see her on the dash and to RP with her. Please have your account in within 24 hours~

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