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Anonymous asked:
m:f ratio and most wanted characters/fcs?

Hello, anon! This is a lot of information at once so I’m just going to link you to the places where you can get this information from on our page. The ratio can be found here and the most wanted characters/faceclaims can both be found right here! If you have someone else you’d like to play though, faceclaim or character wise, then don’t hesitate to go with them! We honestly would love any character to be taken up~


Anonymous asked:
I was just wondering but do any of the admins admin any other roleplays or have in the past? :)

Hello, there! None of us are currently an admin for any other group besides Rose Valley. Taylor and I both have experience running groups as at least a co-admin in the past, but Taylor has done more than I have. You’d have to wait for her if you want specifics on which groups she’s helped run if you recognized her name or something because I’m only aware of one. And the one I helped run in the past never officially opened because the main admin got too busy to continue working on it. Lindsay never has until this one, though.


Anonymous asked:
I've been thinking of applying but I've heard a lot about oc drama and cliques? is this true?

We’d all love to have you! We have been told that we have some cliques. That’s something all groups have, though, and we’ve been working on improving it by planning events that get people that don’t typically interact to do just that. The thing about Rose Valley is that no starter will get ignored. There will always be someone that responds you, there will always be someone that’s willing to plot with you, and we’re all very accepting towards new members. And once again, if our members or anyone else have any more suggestions on how we can improve this then we’d love to hear from all of you about it.


Congratulations, Liss! You’ve been accepted as Roxanne Mayfield with the year change so that she can now be a senior. We’re all very excited to see that you’re back and that you’re picking up Roxanne once more. Please have your account in within 24 hours~

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2 days ago
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Activity check!

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Admin note:
If there is anything wrong on this activity check, please let us know. If you would like your character back, please send a message to the main in the next 24 hours, or wait until Sunday to re-apply for them.

Anonymous asked:
are you planning on updating roommates any time soon? and/or working on the college roommate list?

The roommate list is actually now up to date, love. And as for the college roommate list, we’re still working out some kinks with it, so stay tuned~

5 days ago
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Task 49: These boards that built me.

Every person has a defining moment in their life. That one event that made them change the way they think. Create two moodboards for your character. One of them before the defining moment and one of them after it happened. Then write a short description of what the event was and why it changed your character to be the way they are now. As always, this task is optional.

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