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Anonymous asked:
I'm thinking of applying for an OC but I don't know what connections they would have. If I leave it blank, could you choose for me?

We’d prefer not to choose connections for OCs just in case it doesn’t fit to the character as the creator would like it to. If you want, though, you can message any of the admins for connections (Me, Koal, Lindsay), or I’m sure members who would love connections will like this. 



Congratulations, No Name Koal! You’ve been accepted as Melanie Lambert. Melanie seems like a really interesting character and I can’t wait to see her on the dash though I’m crying because no more Becca. Please have your account in within 24 hours~

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2 days ago1 note
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Looking for a RP with lovely members and tons of open bios and FCs? Then this is just the RP for you~

Anyone have an questions, concerns or perhaps some apps for me to look over? 

We will be accepting tomorrow, so we’d love to see some apps in our inbox.

3 days ago
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Though I’m not sure how much I’ll actually be on today, don’t be afraid to leave some apps or some questions for Lindsay and Koal to answer~

3 days ago
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Don’t forget to do the weekly task! Though it’s not required, we’d still love to see more people participate in it.

Though it’s late, I’m still going to be lurking around if anyone has any questions or apps~

Task 52: I hate everything about you

Everyone has something that makes them cringe at the mere mention of the name, turn up their nose with their lips pursed. We want to know what your character hates the most. But on the other end, everyone has /someone/ that just makes their toes curl and their blood boil even if they can’t put their finger onto why. What does it take for your character to hate someone? Is it a gut feeling, a nasty habit, difference of opinion, or something else entirely? As always, this task is optional.

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