This is the story of the kids of Rose Valley, Virginia. A school intended for the rich that has just recently opened its doors to let the outsiders in.

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We are currently not accepting applications as Rose Valley is under construction—this includes character bios. Please be patient with us through this process. Thank you!
I totally don't mean to rush anyone, but I was just wondering when you think you might be accepting apps again!
Anonymous asked 3 days ago

We’ll be accepting apps again as soon as we complete this revamp, which will take an indefinite amount of time. However, it’s nice to see someone eager to apply! Please hang in with us and we promise it won’t be a letdown.


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Just to let you guys know, we will be doing an activity check tonight. Quite a few characters are on the list, sadly, so please be sure to either get on that character sometime today or to message us about it by 9 P.M. EST!

To avoid spamming of the dash, if you are having a twitter conversation then please reblog it as a text post. Thanks!

The dance has now started! If you could all switch your convos over to Homecoming mode until Sunday at 8PM EST, that’d be lovely. Thank you, and enjoy! 

Just a quick update. The homecoming event will begin tomorrow, October 11th at 8PM EST. It will be active and on the dash until Sunday, October 12th at 8PM EST. This way everyone can participate in the event. Feel free to roleplay this however you want to—gif chat, para, gif para, chatzy, etc. And last but definitely not least, have fun!


Just a reminder: please, please, please send in your votes for homecoming to the gossip blog.


It’s time for Spirit Week at Rose Valley! Students may dress appropriately according to the theme of each day to show their love for their school, or they may choose to opt out and wear their everyday clothes. Remember to be creative and to have fun while doing so! 

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: 70’s Day

Wednesday: Celebrity Day

Thursday: Superhero/villain Day

Friday: School Spirit Day (red and gold)

Hello lovelys! Don’t worry, we’re still here, us admins have just been insanely busy this past week. And plus, we’re going to be revamping the main very soon (hopefully this weekend) and so we’ll be focused on that a lot.

Also, homecoming is going to be October 11th at 8PM EST! College students are allowed to attend, but will not beable to run for homecoming court. Speaking of homecoming court — send your votes to the gossip blog and we’ll reveal the winners the night of homecoming!