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Meghan Lancaster  15  Maia Mitchell ✖ Open/Closed

We’ll go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoats.

Meghan likes to call herself your average teenage girl. She’s always on her phone or lazing about, wildly obsessed with her appearance, though you can expect nothing but sweatpants and T-shirts around the house. She’s an all around sarcastic creation, and she loves being one. Despite what most people think, Meghan’s a driven soul. It’s just that she would rather do what she feels is best for herself than try to live up to what other people expect of her. While she’s not the oldest of her family, she often acts like she is, veering between bossy and caring and always looking out for each of her siblings. She’s the one who listen to each of their problems, and she’s a brilliant motherly figure for when their own mother isn’t around. While she loves her mom, she considers the creature too kind for her own good and with far too much work on her hands, and so Meghan makes it her priority to help her out in any way she can.

Meghan tends to get along better with her father than her mother. Despite the feminine way she dresses, she tends to be a bit rough. She takes kickboxing, often using it to get her anger out, mostly because as a child she was prone to getting into fights. She’s the girl not afraid to lash out on you, especially if you’re mean to her family, who she considers the most important people in her life. She can come off as a bit of a flirt, though she honestly doesn’t mean to be. She’s sworn to stay off boys for a while, finally realizing they are far more trouble than they’re worth. Still, Meghan can’t help but blush under the stare of boys whose attention she does catch.

No, we’re never going to quit it, no.

Meghan is the only one in her family that got accepted into Rose Valley, though all of them applied for a scholarship, and not a day goes by when she doesn’t brag about it to her siblings. The girl got in on an athletic scholarship, as it was the only way her parents could afford it, and because her getting in on an academic scholarship was a silly idea to everyone who knew her. It wasn’t that Meghan was stupid, but rather that she never put very much effort into her school work.

Well, I think we better go, said it’s better than hanging on.

↳ Harrison GrahamMeghan has yet to understand this kid, and she’s not quite sure if she wants to. She’s seen him bounce between smoking like a chimney pipe and speaking as soft as possible, with a smile to match, and she can’t seem to wrap her head around it. If she was being honest, Meghan just labels him as one of those weirdos and tries to ignore him as best as she can.

↳ Joe FosterOkay, while Meghan did say she had sworn off boys, she can’t help but find herself making an exception for little Joe Foster. She insists that they’re nothing but friends, but she does find herself putting on a smidgen more lipgloss when she goes out to see him

↳ Minnie Walterif Minnie isn’t the definition of adorable, Meghan would not be able to tell you what is. From her smile right down to her name, Meghan loves Minnie, thinking she’s as cute as a button. Sometimes, she can’t help but treat her condescendingly, though she really doesn’t mean to. Minnie is just so cute.


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